The Original California Car Duster Red Dry Blade 11 inch - 20114R

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New Original California Dry Blade / Removes Water - Red 
Introducing our new and improved California Dry Blade®!!
We have re-engineered and redesigned our California Dry Blade® with new features and benefits. The Original California Dry Blade is a smaller and more economical version of The Original California Water Blade. Constructed of 100% medical grade silicone for maximum flexability and ease of use. The newly engineered V-Blade drying edge works similarly to a windshield wiper, and efficiently dries virtually any surface regardless of shape. Dries vehicles and windows in 1/3 the time! Keep one in your car and in the shower! It's clearly the world's most efficient car drying tool and is proudly made in the USA!
* 100% medical grade silicone blade flexes and conforms
* New V-Blade design whisks water away
* Exceptional contouring/flexing ability
* Compact, economical, and easy to use
* Outperforms chamois, towels, and other drying devices
* Use on cars, trucks, vans, mirrors, windows and more!
* Silicone blades will not remove wax like some other drying methods
The ultimate device for water removal on cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, windows, shower doors, mirrors, counter tops, and just about any surface!  
Part # 20114R 

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