Starfiber Star Mop Pro Microfiber Polishing Wet Pad

$ 12.75
  • The starmop is reusable up to 500 times!
  • All you need to do is wash and re-use!
  • Digs deep to pull microscopic particles out of any surface!
  • The Star Mop is hypoallergenic and will not trigger allergic reactions!
The Starmop Pro refill pads are the most useful cleaning item that you will ever buy this year for your mop. The Starmop pro pads dig deep to pull microscopic particles out of any surface, with or without chemical cleaners! You can use the Starmop for both wet mopping and dust sweeping your floor. It's guaranteed to clean the floor better than that old broom! You can wash these pads over 500 times or more without replacing them!

This pad fits flat mop frames that have Velcro on the bottom of the base. Use this refill pad for wet mopping. It fits the following brands:

  • Simplee Cleen
  • Real Clean
  • Legacy
  • Starfiber
  • Starmop
  • any 15"-17" frame with Velcro on the bottom

This pad can be used on almost any floor surface including:
  • hardwood
  • cork
  • wood laminate
  • tile
  • linoleum
  • marble
  • formica
  • stone
  • painted surfaces, etc.

This pad is easy to fasten to the bottom of your mop frame. Use it to wet mop your floors quickly and effectively. Microfiber won't scratch any surface. It is machine washable or you can rinse in the sink or a bucket. Hang dry or machine dry on low heat for only a few minutes. This pad picks up micro (tiny) sized particles including: dander, hair, fur, dust, dirt, sand, pollen and other small particles. For best results, use this pad wet. Tip: Dry sweep up large pieces of food before you begin wet mopping so food doesn't smear across your floor.

(This pad is Not recommended for our 18" Commercial Mop frame. This pad is NOT efficient for cement or concrete that has NOT been sealed.)

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