Starfiber Star Mop Kit with 2 Microfiber Polishing Pads

$ 34.95

Starfiber's Star Mop Kit is the original microfiber-branded cleaning mop in the United States. All you need is water to deep-clean all hard surface flooring in your home. Use the Star Mop for dry dusting as well as wet cleaning and mopping. Embrace a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle by cleaning exclusively with water. The kit comes with one Star Mop Base, one telescoping pole, and two blue polishing pads. The base measures 15 inches by 4 inches. The pole extends from 33 inches to 59 inches. The pad measures 17.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Hardware components of this kit feature a lifetime warranty. Starfiber has a Greener Clean commitment built into all its products. Whether it is the inherent water-saving properties of microfiber cleaning, the reduction of harmful cleaning chemicals in your house or workplace, or adding bio-degradable additives into the manufacturing of our products to reduce impact on landfills, you can trust we are on the cutting edge of technology to design our way into a more sustainable future.

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