PVTL Vibrating Foam Roller

$ 79.95
Meet the PVTL Roller. It’s made by PVTL Motions (pronounced “Pivotal.”) Designed to help people reach their fitness potential FASTER and with less injuries. Simple right?

100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK 1-YEAR GUARANTEE – We've PROVEN & TESTED our products for comfort and durability, you can enjoy your PVTL ROLLER absolutely RISK-FREE. It's our mission to help YOU reach your POTENTIAL! The PVTL (“Pivotal”) Mindset: Time is VALUABLE. Spend more time training, less time warming-up. Let the PVTL Roller help you reach your ultimate potential. Faster.

TIRED OF WASTING TIME? - The cutting-edge vibration technology in the vibrating roller has been designed to enhance warm-up and recovery levels 2x the amount a regular foam-roller does. This vibrating technology actively helps you WARM UP FASTER before training and recover sooner after: weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, cardio, or any other exercise. The PVTL Roller is the industry's preferred fitness roller for self-massage and myofascial release to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain

REDUCE MUSCLE SORENESS - The PVTL Vibrating Foam Roller was designed to be able to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles (DOMS) and joints, our powerful vibration technology and amazing Grid offers a choice of 3 different levels of vibration. Choose whatever strength you need to apply the perfect amount of vibrant pressure, so you can help relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, knees, IT band, quads, hamstrings, and more.

PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE – We understand that you don't train in the same location every day. The PVTL Roller is totally rechargeable & portable. Bring it to the gym, to the beach, to the Yoga class; just because your training location changes, it doesn't mean your Warm-up and Recover should suffer. The PVTL Rollover has a ~2+-hour non-stop battery life.

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