Moda Moda Pro Change Black Shampoo for Darkening Gray Hair 300g ModaModa Shampoo

$ 36.95

MODAMODA Inc. is a global haircare brand launched in April 2021. After five years of joint research and development with KAIST Chair Professor Haeshin Lee, created an effective patented ingredient for aging hair. The best darkening Shampoo is here! MODAMODA researched ways of maintaining a healthy scalp and hair from nature. MODA MODA's Antioxidant Complex ingredients (Polyphenol) reacts with oxygen and sunlight while shampooing, forming a film on the hair's cuticle layer. Because it uses the same principle as nature's browning phenomenon; aka the antioxidation in fruits, gray hair gradually darkens into a natural dark brown. In addition to the natural darkening effect provided by plant-derived ingredients, MODA MODA also contains ingredients that keeps the scalp healthy and alleviate hair loss.

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