MHP Glutamine-SR Anabolic Sustained Release Amino Acid 300g/1000g

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Ultra Potent L-Glutamine with Patented Sustained Release Technology
Glutamine-SR provides a potent dosage of L-Glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and is used by your gut, immune system and muscles for fuel. High intensity exercise and strict dieting can deplete glutamine concentrations. Glutamine supplementation helps replenish glutamine stores, which enhances the immune system, speeds recovery and boosts muscle protein synthesis.

Unfortunately, L-Glutamine can be quickly broken down in your gut before it ever reaches your muscles. To help improve glutamine absorption, Glutamine-SR features a patented, sustained release technology to help support increased bio-availability and utilization of L-Glutamine by providing a controlled steady supply so you can get the most of our your glutamine supplement.

Available in 300g and 1000g

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