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MHP DOPAMITE, 60 Tablets
Dopaminergic Fat Burning Catalyst

DOPAMITE belongs to the new class of weight management aids known as dopaminergics. The term dopaminergic refers to anything that involves or is dependent on dopamine. Dopamine is produced naturally by your body and functions as a neurotransmitter. This means that it helps brain cells (neurons) relay messages. DOPAMITE is designed to support the body’s ability to produce dopamine and activate the reward system (a.k.a. “the fat burning control center.”)


About Dopamine in the Brain
An increase in dopaminergic activity can promote quite a different experience than you might get from your typical fat burning product, energy drink or cup of coffee. Simply stated, higher levels of dopaminergic function in the reward system have been researched and hypothesized to contribute to:



•    Greater energy

•    Helping support positive mood

•    Promoting focus

•    Greater satisfaction after eating (known as “meal satiety”)

•    Promoting a healthy appetite level

•    Greater desire to interact socially

Temptations to eat are driven by a region in your brain called the reward system, which controls sensations of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. The reward system is regulated by dopamine. Low levels of dopamine in the reward system have been suggested to contribute to overeating, binging and weight gain. Controlling overeating is the number one way to stimulate your body to burn more fat and lose weight. That’s why the reward system is also known as “the fat burning control center.”


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