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A contouring skin care set comprised of full-size Contour Cream, Contour Fixer, and a Contour Shaper. What it is formulated to do: LiftraTM 3-Step Contouring Set offers a complete skin care program for lifting and sculpting the look of the face-with breakthrough technologies and formulas. The Contour Cream fills and firms the appearance of the skin with lifting polymer and collagen fiber, which replenish visible volume by supporting natural collagen synthesis. Once your skin is prepped, the Contour Shaper intensifies the lifting effect, sculpting the look of facial contours by stimulating facial muscle and improves elasticity. The Contour Shaper is made with 10 germanium balls that you can massage through your face, neck, and other body parts, as a massage roller. The Contour Fixer is a facial setting mist that forms a thin film over skin to visibly lift the face while prolonging the lifting and contouring effects. It also moisturizes your skin with hyaluronic acid.
About the Product
  • lift the skin and boost volume
  • Contour Cream adds plumpness, increases elasticity, and tightens facial lines
  • Contour Shaper gently massages to stimulate and relax the facial muscles while promoting blood circulation
  • Contour Fixer works as a setting mist while lifting the skin, fixing elasticity, and replenishing moisture
  • 3.4 oz Liftra Contour Fixer /1.7 oz Liftra Contour Cream/Liftra Contour Shaper

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