Dr Jart+ Dermask Ceramidin Skin friendly Nanoskin Sheet Mask (5pcs)

$ 15.95
Dr Jart+ Dermask Ceramidin Skin Friendly Nanoskin Sheet Mask (25g/ 0.9 Oz X 5ea);Completes highly moisturizing and prevents moisture loss by activating a skin hydrating barrier;What it is : An Skin friendly nanoskin sheet mask that instantly moisturizing .;What it is formulated to do Nanoskin Sheet Mask : A low irritation sheet leaves the skin with a smooth coat of highly moisturizing active ingredients Ceramide : A lipid found in skin cell membrane strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier and prevents the moisture from escaping the skin Keep Moist Complex Panthenol and Aloe vera leaf juice provide complete hydrating of the skin by conditioning and locking moisture into the skin

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