ChampionNet 7'x7' Baseball/Softball Training Hitting Net & Frame

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Baseball / Softball

This Pro Series ChampionNet is a durable and portable baseball training net perfect for outdoor and indoor tee-ball practice, in-field practice, soft-toss, and softball and baseball pitching practice. The uniquely designed Bow frame allows the flexibility of the poles and the result is a sturdy structural net that will resist all levels of pitching, throwing, and hitting stress.


  • Pro Series durable high quality

  • Fast and easy to set up takes 2 minutes

  • Perfect for practice hitting, fielding, pitching, soft toss, tee ball

  • Thicker and tear resistant netting, sturdy frame

  • Weather-Resistant Net

  • Sturdy base support for greater stability when batting into the net


  • Material: Fiber Glass Pole, Weather-Resistant Net, Durable Metal Base

  • Dimension: 7' x 7'

  • Color: Multiple Team Colors available

  • Weight: ~11 lbs

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Net

  • 1 x Frame 7’ x 7’

  • 1 x Carrying Bag with straps

  • 4 U Shaped Ground Nails

  • Instruction Manual

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