BPI Sports Testex Powerful Testosterone Booster 60 Capsules 2-in-1 Formula

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BPI Testex Powerful Testosterone Booster + Defining Agent 2-in-1 Formula
TESTEX™ is a Powerful Multi-Functional 2-IN-1 Testosterone Booster. With Improved Testosterone Levels one may experience Enhanced Performance, Increased Sex Drive, Lower Body Fat, Improved Strength and More Lean Muscle. Our proprietary formula contains the purest, most effective ingredients that may help Boost Testosterone levels, and manage elevated estrogen levels. Use TESTEX™ in combination with a proper training and nutrition regimen, to help build a Leaner and more Defined Physique. TESTEX™ contains a One-of-a-Kind Liposomal Matrix Delivery System to promote optimal absorption and efficiency. Take just one pill, twice a day, and get ready to experience Increased Performance both in and out of the gym.* 
BPI SPORTS’ Multi-Functional Formulas contain a One-of-a-Kind delivery system to help you reap the maximum benefits from each product. This new, cutting-edge liposomal delivery system is designed to help enhance absorption rates and oral bio-availability. This natural encapsulation of lypophilic and hydrophilic nutrients, within liposomes, helps each ingredient bypass the destructive elements of the gastric system, therefore delivering nutrients to cells faster and more efficiently.*

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