American Metabolix Keto MCT Powder, 30 Servings, Unflavored

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CREAMY TEXTURE AND CLEAN INGREDIENTS - Unlike MCT Oil, MCT Oil Powders are easily digested and has a smooth creamy texture that can be added to smoothies, coffee or any beverage. PURE ACACIA FIBER - Our MCT Oil Powder uses prebiotic acacia fiber as a carrier which is a powerful probiotic that promotes a healthy gut and doesn't mess with your blood sugar. MCT CONTENTS- C8 (74%) , C10 (24%) and C6 (1%) Derived from coconut oil NO MALTODEXTRIN OR ADDED FILLERS - Unlike others, our MCT Oil Powder contains no Maltodextrin, which is a common hidden ingredient in many foods and supplements. We stay away from any food additives and fillers that can stop you from keeping a clean sustainable energy and performance. We added Stevia to give the powder a slightly sweet flavor which is perfect for coffee or baking KETOGENIC ENERGY - Clean Energy, Brain Support, Easily Digested!

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