American Metabolix Keto Greens Superfood, Organic, Natural, 30 Servings Sweet Berry

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  • GREENS, FRUITS, & FIBER: American Metabolix Keto Greens Superfood is an all-natural, organic super greens supplement that contains a scientific blend of Greens, Fruits and Fiber.
  • ORGANIC GREENS FORMULA: Specially designed for people struggling to get enough produce and fruits in their diet. This formula gives you (4) full servings of fruit and veggies along with the fiber that is typically missing in other greens formulas. Our alkalizing, prebiotic formula helps to increase energy and stamina, improve gut health, maintain healthy pH levels, and strengthen the immune system.
  • MAXIMUM NUTRITION w/ NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: Alkalizing blend, Only Net (1.3) grams carbs per serving, (3.6) grams of fiber with (1.5) of Inulin for gut health, and Tastes Great (for greens). American Metabolix Keto Greens Superfood is made in the USA from only the highest quality Domestic organic ingredients with no artificial sweeteners.
  • ANTIOXIDANT AND NUTRIENT RICH: Our formula has a smooth fruit taste. Not grit or chalky taste. Best of all no gas build up or nasty after taste. Keto Greens packs all of the vitamins and nutrients from the organic fruits and vegetables as you would expect. Unlike other super greens powders we also include Inulin. In your gut, inulin is converted into short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that are then converted to healthy ketones that feed your tissues.
  • KETO DIET: Perfect for those on the Ketogenic Diet Our Greens product has only (1.3)g net carbs plus (3.6)g of fiber. Now you can get your veggies and fruit without knocking yourself out of ketosis. Plus the Inulin helps get you regular!

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