ACCOJE Reviving Dust Cleansing Gel To Foam (180 ml)

$ 24.99

ACCOJE PROTECTIVE DUST SCREEN MIST is a fine dust shield mist which provides 'Fine Dust Protections + Moisturizes + Repairs' the skin, preventing the damage caused by urban pollution. A shielding mist against dust that defends, hydrates & acts as a fixer Dense & flawless triple protective barrier against fine particles. Dust absorption prevention even after single use Jeju phytoncides, a gift from the forest, calms sensitive skin. Dust Adhesion Prevention Clinical Test Completed RED BEET SUPER FOOD Red beets cultivaed in Jeju province are packed full of minerals and vitamins to transfer to your skin for the best possible effect. NATURALLY FILTERED BEDROCK WATER Jeju bedrock water is naturally pristine, filtered through layers of volcanic ash to eliminate impurities and incorporate minerals.

Made in Korea

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